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A valuable Dobler Management Company, Inc. strength is our vast knowledge and experience of the Pierce County market. We are the most successful, stable Pierce County management firm.

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Dobler Management Company, Inc. is a Pierce County-based, professional management and real estate firm. Our services are tailored to your financial objectives and your property’s needs.

A valuable Dobler Management Company, Inc. strength is our vast knowledge and experience of the Pierce County market. We are the most successful, stable Pierce County management firm. In the past twenty consecutive years we increased our management base from 300 rental units to our current count of 5,600 units. The assessed value of multi-family assets managed in 1986 was $10,000,000.00. Currently, the value of the multi-family assets in Dobler Management Company’s portfolio exceeds $459,000,000.00.

At Dobler Management Company, Inc. we ascribe a great deal of our company’s staying power to our belief in controlled growth. We have committed ourselves to stable, calculated, long term growth. We seek clients who are experienced in the real estate industry and desire to have their multi-family investments governed in a professional and profitable manner. We cater to investors who view their properties not only as a potential profitable investment bases, but also provide safe, well maintained housing. We stress the importance of real estate investments to our community. Local parks, schools and tax bases all benefit from real estate investments. We make sure our neighborhoods benefit by our investors’ real estate. The properties are assets, not liabilities to their surrounding communities.

Our business revolves around our ability to help investors solve problems. Initially Dobler Management Company, Inc. was often contacted, when the multi-family investment was in tough physical and financial condition. Poor rent collections, undesirable tenant base due to lack of tenant screening, crime, high debt and deferred maintenance present major challenges for our staff. We became known for turning around troubled properties. We pride ourselves in our ability to put multi-family properties back on an income producing path. Establishing attainable short-term and long-term goals is a critical step in the process of renovating a dilapidated or neglected property.

Prevention of problems such as deferred maintenance and poor rent collections is crucial to the financial success of a real estate investment. It is our policy to educate our clients on the importance of preventing problems. Education is particularly important for those clients who may be unfamiliar with the local real estate market and are therefore susceptible to incurring substantial financial losses.

As our Dobler Management Company, Inc. clients have become aware of our exceptional ability to successfully analyze and improve the financial status of their investments, we have been asked to represent clients in their acquisitions. Buyer brokerage and due diligence have become a very profitable service. In 1987, we completed $1,000,000.00 in purchases. By 2004, the real estate acquisitions exceeded $34,000,000.00 for the year. Acquisitions continue to be a steady source of business. As our clients’ properties sell we have found that buyer brokerage allows us to maintain and augment the unit count in our management portfolio. We have also upgraded the investment quality to newer apartment communities. Our experience covers older properties to brand new buildings.

No other South Puget Sound property management firm has had the overall experience in multi-family renovation projects than Dobler Management Company, Inc. When construction fund availability was at a low point, we adapted by aggressively renovating existing properties. We not only found the investment properties, but handled the full renovation process. We are actively pursuing older properties for investors and have set a goal to complete at least two renovation projects per year. In addition, as new construction heated up we consult with developers to help them build projects which fit with their market. We review plans for potential maintenance difficulties and consult regarding the latest amenities.